Tom Black is an athlete and coach based out of New York City. After working in Finance for several years Tom moved to NYC to pursue a career in fitness & fashion. He ran his first marathon in 2017 and before too long he was running every single day and going for 1-2 hour runs on the weekends. Since then, Tom has increased his mileage from around 20-30 miles to 70-90 miles and cut his marathon time down from 3:20 to 2:31. He’s also gotten VDOT Certified and is now helping other athletes on V.O2. 

In this episode we discuss:  

  • His backstory, living and training in NYC (and vying for limited turf with cyclists)
  • How he’s improved over the years
  • His negative split in Houston running 2:31:54
  • What he’s learned along the way to now coaching athletes

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