What Is The Purpose Of Training At 5k Race Pace?

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“I’m not against it, but I have a hard time justifying the physiological benefits of training at 5k or 10k race pace. Now for an excellent runner, 5k race pace is right around Interval pace.” – Dr. Jack Daniels If you’re a 23-minute 5k runner your race pace is 7:24/mi, yet your Interval or VO2max […]

Dr. Jack Daniels On Interpreting Ferritin Levels For Runners

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Dr. Jack Daniels enlightens attendees at the first VDOT Coaching Clinic on interpreting iron storage and ferritin levels for runners. “You can’t take a specific ferritin reading and say whether it’s good or bad.” “I know people that say if your ferritin is below 50 you’re in trouble as a runner…and that’s not true at […]

Dr. Jack Daniels On When To Get A Blood Test

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Listen to Dr. Jack Daniels in his element discussing hemoglobin levels, iron supplements and when to get blood work at the VDOT Coaching Clinic. Registration is now open for the next clinic. “Best time to get blood work is when you’re really feeling great,” says Dr. Daniels. The logic being, everyone gets a blood test […]

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