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Dr. Jack Daniels On Interpreting Ferritin Levels (VIDEO)

By |2015-05-20T12:36:44-04:00May 20th, 2015|Coaching Clinic, Nutrition tips|

Dr. Jack Daniels enlightens attendees at the first VDOT Coaching Clinic on how to understand iron storage and ferritin readings. Registration is now open for the next clinic at GU Energy Labs in August. “You can’t take a specific ferritin reading and say whether it’s good or bad.” “I know people that say if your ferritin […]

Dr. Jack Daniels On When To Get A Blood Test

By |2015-05-13T13:35:24-04:00May 13th, 2015|Ask Dr. Jack Daniels, Coaching Clinic, Nutrition tips|

Listen to Dr. Jack Daniels in his element discussing hemoglobin levels, iron supplements and when to get blood work at the VDOT Coaching Clinic. Registration is now open for the next clinic. “Best time to get blood work is when you’re really feeling great,” says Dr. Daniels. The logic being, everyone gets a blood test […]

Science Behind Low Calorie Energy Drinks Like 5-hr Energy

By |2011-11-15T13:27:12-05:00November 15th, 2011|Ask A Coach Responses, Nutrition tips|

Latest Ask a Coach question comes from reader Pat regarding the efficacy of low calorie “energy” drinks: Question: I recently saw some people taking a low calorie energy drink/shot like 5-hour Energy before a half marathon. Is there any science behind those high B vitamin drinks? By definition a calorie is a unit of energy, […]

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