We’re Hiring: Growth Marketing Specialist

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Our mission at V.O2 is to make the world faster, one runner at a time. Our team is comprised of athletes who are passionate about building market-leading training technology and solutions. We are looking for a like-minded Growth Marketing expert to lead our efforts to expand the V.O2 customer base through a multifaceted approach to digital [...]

2021 Recap Statistics

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As we turned the page on 2021, we flicked through our digital abacus to snag a few noteworthy stats to share with V.O2 users. All of these numbers are compiled from users syncing their GPS data with our app. The top performances were gathered from 800-meters to the marathon distance. Coming in at just over [...]

V.O2 By The Numbers

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In the spirit of the yearly recap, we’ve gathered some annual stats from the V.O2 community. The numbers are fun to poke through and here are some of the highlights. As of this blog post, there have been over 2.4 million synced runs on V.O2 in 2021. Of those 2.4 million synced runs, just under [...]

Celebrating The Journey

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Our mission is simple: make the world faster one runner at a time. The past 18 months have been difficult, but this community has stuck together to stay true to that mission. Whether participating in virtual racing or stacking up consistent training to be ready for when racing came back to life, the V.O2 community [...]

Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Running Coach

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Jack shared his tips on how to hire a coach and what to expect. You can read the entire article on runnersathletics.com. There are five main reasons that runners decide to hire coaches. They want to: -Understand what kind of training is appropriate to achieve their goals (including running and cross training): how much, how [...]

A Learning Experience

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Romayn Richards got a BQ in his first marathon attempt but learned a lot along the way… I completed my first ever half marathon on 09/19/2020, with an unofficial time of 1:26:43 (per Garmin), and instantly decided I wanted to try running a full marathon. I figured if I was going to run a marathon, […]

20-Year-Old PR

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Bradley Geilfuss is now faster than his 26-year-old self. His sub-18 virtual 5k smashes a 20-year-old PR. He’s now set a PR in every distance from the mile to the marathon under the guidance of coach Gary Berard. Don’t let the pandemic get you down. Keep training. Challenge yourself.

‘Happy With Yet Another PR Using The VDOT Methodology’

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VDOT Coach Rowan Jones PRs in Indianapolis. He has now dropped over 1-hour from his first marathon back in 2012. Since then Rowan has also gotten VDOT Certified and begun sharing his experience and training with other athletes on our coaching platform. I hit nearly all of my training that I set at VDOT 60 [...]

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