VDOT Coach Rowan Jones PRs in Indianapolis. He has now dropped over 1-hour from his first marathon back in 2012. Since then Rowan has also gotten VDOT Certified and begun sharing his experience and training with other athletes on our coaching platform.

I hit nearly all of my training that I set at VDOT 60 so I knew I was in top form. The WOTQ pacer took us through the half in 1:21:35 which was a bit hot for me but I stayed with the group until about mile 18 when I knew I needed to back off and run my own race from that point on. There was a pretty significant headwind coming back to the finish on the mostly north/south course so that took its toll on everyone late in the race as well. I feel like I was in at least 2:44 shape, but I’m more than happy with yet another PR using VDOT O2 methodology.