Jack shared his tips on how to hire a coach and what to expect. You can read the entire article on runnersathletics.com.

There are five main reasons that runners decide to hire coaches. They want to:

-Understand what kind of training is appropriate to achieve their goals (including running and cross training): how much, how often and at what intensity.

-Know when they are ready to run a race and at what distance.

-Receive positive motivation relative to training and racing.

-Learn how to properly incorporate rest as part of training.

-Learn about proper hydration and nutrition relative to training and racing.

Every coach is different, but at a minimum, runners should expect that their coaches will:

-Treat them as individuals.

-Tell them how fast to run in training and in races of different distances.

-Tell them the purpose of each type of training that is prescribed.

-Give them consistent feedback and positive reinforcement.