Joost De Raeymaeker, a native Belgian, currently resides in Luanda, Angola, and is arguably the best marathoner in the world in M50. He’s on a mission to win his age group in all of the Marathon Majors. So far he’s accomplished half his goal (Berlin, NYC and Tokyo) with a 2:26:10 PB in Berlin in 2019. He ran in primary school, but then thought it would be a lot cooler to play guitar in a rock band, only picking up running again in 2012.

In this episode we discuss:

-Living and running in Luanda
-His athletic story
-What his training looks like today
-His perspective on running and sport
-His shoe reviews of the Endorphin Pro, Vaporfly, Alpha Fly and Adidas Pro

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Song:  Breakadawn, by Mike Quinn