Pete Rea is the head coach of the ZAP Endurance (formerly ZAP Fitness) post-collegiate team. His training philosophy is based on a long term view toward success with each program being highly individualized. His athletes’ training varies greatly based on their background and how they adapt to overall volume and intensity.

His coaching resume includes:  

  • 51 Olympic Trials Qualifiers since 2002
  • 42 Senior U.S. Teams
  • Four USATF Club XC Team Championships
  • One U.S. Marathon Champion
  • One Olympian (Pardon Nghlovu – Zimbabwe 2016)

In this episode, we discuss how Pete got into the sport, his coaching influences, the benefits of ZAP’s training program for post-collegiate athletes, training at moderate altitude and how support for strength and nutrition has evolved in their program over the past decade.

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