Featured Coach – Nina Sieh

Nina Sieh is the head coach of BlackToe Run Club, brought to you by BlackToe Running in Toronto, Canada. This training program is designed to take you from “Beginner” to “non-Beginner.” The group meets every Monday night for their workout. Today, the Run Club has 60 members and includes runners ranging from those wanting to get a good workout to those focused on getting faster. More details here.

Why She Loves VDOT Coach

“I have had the privilege of coaching this group for a little over two years. With now over 60 members, VDOT Coach helps immensely to organize all my runners. I can easily apply appropriate training paces and manage what each is doing during the week. It’s another great form of communication between me and my athletes that makes their training experience so much better.”

Nina’s Bio

  • Registered Kinesiologist
  • 2016 Triathlon World Championship Qualifier
  • 2015 Ontario Short Course Triathlete of the Year
  • 5k PR of 19:02

For more information on Nina visit her website at ninasieh.com.