Adolfo Lizardo, like so many new runners on our platform, shares how VDOT training transformed his life and performance as an athlete.

Quick Background

  • Lives in trains in Biel/Bienne in the canton of Bern.
  • Trains on the street, track, around the lake of Biel or in the forest, depending on the workouts I have planned.
  • Coached by Andrea Fossas, a certified RRCA coach and physiotherapist.
  • Favorite workout is speed training on Wednesdays. “I like it because I really push myself to the limit and with my V.O2 stats I can really see how I’m improving, sometimes it’s awesome to see that you think you won’t be able to do it and you end up getting the best workout of the week.”
  • IG: @Akalizardo


Good morning,

I would like to start this brief story by explaining that I used to be an occasional runner. Although I enjoyed running, it was not something I did regularly. I usually went out to train when it was a nice day, when friends invited me to go together or if I had the motivation. It wasn’t really part of my day-to-day life. However, a few months ago I discovered V.O2 and the story of my life as a runner took a huge change.

Little by little I went from being an occasional runner to someone who runs 5 times a week and strength trains 3 times a week. Honestly, the planning, order and details of the app are exceptional. V.O2 allowed me to go from being an amateur training like an amateur to becoming an amateur training like an elite.

Honestly, I must also say that there was also a lot of discipline and perseverance on my part, training doesn’t happen by itself obviously, but having everything in detail in the app made absolutely everything easier. I no longer had to think about what kind of training I was going to do. Everything was loaded in my calendar and at the same time everything was already synced to my Garmin. It really is amazing how this can help you level up.

The consistency and communication from my trainer made my times improve. My technique was better and thanks to AMAZINGLY detailed planning and following my trainer’s feedback I have been injury free despite having run approximately 2,600 km in 17 months.

V.O2 has really changed things for me. I have discovered a new way to enjoy my life through running and my free time is now spent outdoors. I have made community with other runners and learned many things from this new passion. I have competed in several races and it has helped me to believe that I am capable of doing difficult things. My next challenge is a sub 3h 30min marathon.

Greetings from Switzerland,

Adolfo 🙂