Stephen England is a certified running coach and ambassador for Team Novo Nordisk. Their mission is to inspire, educate and empower people affected by diabetes. At age 14, Stephen suddenly became very ill, losing his appetite, weight and all of his energy. He went to the hospital where he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

He was told that his running would have to be limited and diabetes was incurable. Many years later he’s now completed dozens of marathons (2:45 PB), ten 100 mile ultramarathons and the inaugural Tahoe 200. He is a well regarded pacer for the New York City Marathon and member of the NYC running community.

In this episode we discuss (apologies for some choppy audio during the first 8 minutes):

  • What it’s like right now living and running in NYC
  • His early running days growing up in England
  • The backstory of his diagnosis and how he manages running with type 1 diabetes
  • Running 2:45 for a marathon while also training for ultras
  • Completing the Tahoe 200 and what drives him
  • His fairly recent transition to vegetarianism

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Song:  Breakadawn, by Mike Quinn