Malindi Elmore has been running competitively for over two decades and until recently was best known for her middle distance personal bests, national titles and qualifying for the Olympics in the 1500m. The 40-year-old native of Kelowna, British Columbia and mother of two boys had retired from competitive running but then got pulled back in by the adventure/challenge of an Ironman. From there she transitioned to road running and shocked the world with a new Canadian record in the marathon (2:24:50). 

In this episode we speak about managing during this time of crisis, social distancing, parenting, and how to adjust training and communicate with your athletes during this crazy time. We then dig into her story starting with how she got hooked into running and competing. We talk about her struggles transitioning to collegiate running at Stanford, to making the Olympics in the 1500m and how the perfect storm of life events led to the fastest female marathon time ever by a Canadian.  This is someone who would have laughed at the thought of even running a marathon earlier in her career.

Song:  Breakadawn, by Mike Quinn