VDOT Coach John Raneri of group McKirdy Trained on grappling with the cancellation of the Boston Marathon and living through a pandemic…

After hearing about Boston’s postponement I wasn’t surprised. But like many others in the following days my emotions caught up with me. This was a goal race. Hours of preparation, sweat, and data are accumulated with dreams of glory finishing down Boylston Street. My gut reaction was disappointment, as this was the one chance I had taken to race Boston during an Olympic Qualifying year.

I quickly realized out of the disappointment comes new and prosperous opportunities. I’m spending my time reflecting on the wonderful friends, family, and athletes I serve in my life. I’m focused on gratitude and mindfulness. I’m diverting my energy towards proactive self-care and shifting my priorities towards areas of greater importance. At the end of the day, running transforms and transcends, yet is an activity that simply requires a pair of trainers and an open road.

My call to action is simple. All we can do is lead positively towards our endeavors in the best way we know how. Take time to check in on others and serve as a shoulder to lean on. Let’s not cash in our physical and emotional energy on the factors we can’t control. Adapt & adjust, look out for others in need, and remain positive while patiently waiting for the next opportunity. A marathon can wait and a race can be postponed. The priority is on us, how we can come together in this time of uncertainty, and rise to the challenge ahead.