In the last 4 months Heather Pech has PR’d and won her division (F55) in every race she’s entered. She’s also PR’d at every distance from 400’s to 30k in workouts. Her performance at Indianapolis achieved Level 9 (Elite) on the VDOT scale. According to Dr. Daniels an age-graded equivalent performance of 2:21:13.

July 2019 – Nov 2019

  • 5k 20:13 ➡️ 19:27
  • 4 miles 27:24 ➡️ 26:40
  • 7 miles 47:09 ➡️ 46:08
  • Marathon 3:10:15 ➡️ 3:00:44

After self-coaching for years Heather felt like maybe there was something more in the tank but her window was closing. “I was looking to find the right person to help me be the best I could be, believe in my audacious goals and actually get me there.”

She connected with James @McKirdyTrained.

Without getting into a long play by play, we connected immediately. He thought I was running too many miles. After a serious injury he built me slowly into Boston 2019, where I had another AG WIN, and ran within 60 seconds of my PR … but we knew that my fitness was perhaps at 80% and stronger days were ahead.