Hannah Coffin (@han.on.the.run) is a aspiring elite runner and certified personal trainer in Flagstaff, AZ. She’s currently training on the app under the tutelage of James McKirdy, head coach of McKirdy Trained.

Favorite Workout

“One of my favorite workouts is 10 x 800m with a 2.5min walk rest, then 2-miles at Threshold pace. The catch is that the 800s are run as 200m/100m float/200m/100m float/200m. It requires pace control and adjustment through each rep, so it’s important you aren’t too fast on the 200 efforts or too relaxed on the 100m float. The 2-mile finish at the end brings you back to a consistent longer effort.”

Guiding Philosophy

“I always want to give every run my best effort. If it’s a hard workout, then I’m focusing on each rep as it comes. Not worrying about how many I have or how tired I may feel; I want to make sure I am focused on the task immediately at hand. If it’s an easy workout, I want to make sure I’m recovering like a pro, not pushing the pace and being sure to work on little things like breathing and form.”


56.5, Level 6

Training TypePace
Easy7:27 – 7:56