Favorite Workout

“A workout I love because it teaches pace control is three miles at Threshold, one mile at Interval pace, two miles at Threshold, one mile Interval, and finishing with six by 400 meters at Repetition pace. All with a two to three minute walk between. While time at effort isn’t incredibly long, it will teach how to manage effort.”

Guiding Philosophy

“My personal training philosophy boils down to recognizing what the current fitness is now (not hoped) and understanding what is missing in order to take that next step. Regardless of the athlete (world class or beginner) – the recognition of reality is incredibly important in order to make the right steps towards faster times.”


71.3, Level 8

Training TypePace
Easy6:11 – 6:49

James McKirdy is a VDOT Certified Coach and Founder of McKirdy Trained. You can view his coaching profile here.