Today, all coach subscribers on VDOT O2 have the option to create a VDOT Marketplace profile to market their expertise and training products. Because VDOT is a trusted coaching brand worldwide we’re starting to see more and more transactions every week. 

Our goal with the marketplace is to enable coaches to scale their coaching business and to provide athletes everywhere quick and easy access to the world’s best private coaches.

As part of our VDOT Coach service we include consulting on how to build your coaching business online. Rebeka Stowe is currently a featured coach on the marketplace. Since joining we’ve helped Rebeka get certified and also developed a marketing video so athletes can get a better sense of her coaching style and philosophy.

Athletes are expected to approach training with authenticity, joy and intentionality. Balance and adaptability is key.

In addition to consulting on Rebeka’s coaching profile page we’ve launched new VDOT Coach Spotlight ads to help build awareness amongst runners in her market. Join the marketplace today and we’ll help showcase your expertise and coaching services.