Featured Coach – Ian Loughead

  • Head coach of the BLT Runners, based out of Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Runner for 8 years
  • First official year coaching runners
  • VDOT Certified
  • Coaches 10 athletes on the app

Why Ian Loves VDOT Coach

I have been training using VDOT principles for a while now (from Daniels’ Running Formula) with good success. This year my run club decided to have me certified as a VDOT Coach so I took the certification exam online.

I love the app because it really allows me to personalize my coaching with individual athletes, while minimizing the amount of time needed. I coached myself and 10 athletes for the 2017 Moncton, NB Half Marathon and everyone achieved a personal best, all while staying injury free and enjoying the training. All runners were new to the VDOT coaching system, all are now converts. I coached athletes from a 1:21 half marathon time to a 2:09 half marathon time, all using the same principles.