Featured Coach – Tiffany Carson England

We’re proud to have such a well qualified and highly motivating coach on VDOT O2. Tiffany’s diversity of experience is unmatched.

Coaching Bio

  • 8+ years coaching experience from high school XC & Track & Field to ultramarathons
  • Head Coach for the Robin Hood Foundation’s “Race for Robin Hood” marathon program
  • Coach for the Flyer’s Marathon Training Program
  • Private coach for half marathons, marathons and ultras
  • Nike+ Run Club NYC Pacer
  • USATF Level 1 & VDOT O2 coaching certifications

How Many Athletes Do You Coach On The App?

During peak training season I could be managing up to 120 athletes on the app at a time.

Why She Loves VDOT

A fellow coach and mentor handed me Dr. Jack Daniels’ book in 2010 and I have been using his methodology ever since. VDOT Coach has allowed me to go from coaching 10 athletes to 100+ by automatically adjusting VDOT and training paces for each athlete. This amazing tool allows me to make real-time changes to each athlete’s plan as necessary and easily communicate about individual workouts. What used to take several hours, now takes minutes, enabling me to focus more on coaching and less on number crunching.  Most importantly, my athletes see real and tangible results, whether it be from completing their first race or setting a new personal record.

Recent Success Story

I started coaching Matt Vosburgh one year ago and since then, he has seen significant improvement, dropping nearly 10-minutes off his half marathon time. He ran a PR race at the 2017 Brooklyn Half finishing in 1:18:26. As a coach, nothing makes me happier than to see an athlete’s dedication and hard work pay off. Matt’s determination and focus make him incredibly coachable. He is consistent, driven and trusts the training set before him. Thanks to VDOT, I’m excited to help him continue his journey and support his goals.

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