Featured Athlete/Coach – Paul Whittaker

Meet Paul Whittaker of Southend-on-Sea in Essex, England. Paul is a super fast runner and longtime VDOT adopter. See Paul pictured above getting ready to draft off of Mo Farah, Haile Gebrselassie and Kenenisa Bekele ūüėČ After using VDOT to develop his own athletic skills, Paul decided to become a¬†certified coach and is¬†now sharing his passion for running by coaching others through VDOT O2. You can connect with him on Twitter @Paul10000metres.

Coaching Background 

I have been running myself now for 11-years and recently became a VDOT Certified Coach. One of my biggest achievements athletically was qualifying for the UK Olympic Trial 10,000m Final in 2012. I have studied distance running now for the last 15-years and I have hundreds of training/coaching books, which has giving me a great understanding of the sport I love.

I am located just outside of London in the UK where I currently work with 5 athletes through VDOT O2. VDOT is the best way of determining the correct training intensities of every runner. The app has made it so easy to upload all of my athletes training and evaluate their progress. I currently work with a wide range of athletes with different running abilities from 5k to the marathon.

Athletic Accomplishments

  • UK Olympic Trials 10,000m finalist
  • Top 30 finish in the London Marathon
  • Top 20 finish in the Great North Run
  • 5000m – 14.10
  • 10k – 29.40
  • Half Marathon – 1.06
  • Marathon – 2.24