With our latest update to VDOT Coach, coaches can now save time by converting published or unpublished workouts to a template for future use. Watch the video below to learn how it works and read some of the use cases that highlight when this feature can come in handy if you’re adding training from scratch and not starting with pre-existing templates.

Template An Athlete’s Season

When publishing training individually you may want to convert those workouts as a template that can be leveraged in the future. For instance, if you have an athlete that completed a build-up or had a successful season you may want to template their season training which can be further customized for other athletes in the future.

Template Your Own Training

All coach accounts on V.O2 have their own private training calendar as well. Some coaches have coaches too or purchase training from Jack Daniels as a resource they can leverage for their own athletes/knowledge base. Now, you can easily convert that training to a template which can then be customized for teams or private individual clients.

Template Your Communication

Save time by templating common communication: instructions, tips, motivation, etc. Coaches will often communicate these messages as coach notes and instead of re-writing over and over you can now go back through your athletes’ training and convert these to a template.