Recently, we introduced a brand new feature on V.O2 called Stats (available only on iOS and Android). Above your training calendar click the Stats tab to access new data visualization of your training.

To watch a video tutorial on Stats click here.


Track your VDOT history, including time spent at your current VDOT and historical changes. Remember, to get the most out of your running, always train at your current (not goal) VDOT. Your score is meant to fluctuate over time so it’s always in line with your current fitness.


Track a summary of planned training at different intensities based on the last 1W, 1M, 6M or 1Y. This is a great tool to help inform future training or ensure that you’re spending enough time improving different areas of your fitness depending on your race goals.


A summary of how often you complete, skip and modify planned workouts based on the last 1W, 1M, 6M and 1Y. To take advantage of this feature athletes are accountable to manually mark the completion status of their workouts.


A summary of total training (number of runs, distance, number of cross training activities completed) based on the last 1W, 1M, 6M and 1Y.

Note: You must sync GPS to display Elevation and Avg Heart Rate. Runs, distance and cross training are tracked based on GPS syncing and/or marking the completion status of the workout.

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