We saw some standout age-graded performances at this year’s BKLYN Mile.

Masters Women

-Amy Fakterowitz 53, second place in 5:48 = 4:42 AG
-Jennifer St. Jean 46, first place in 5:15 = 4:44 AG

Both age-graded times would have placed them 5th in the Fast Movers and 1st overall in the open heat.

Masters Men

-John McMahon 55, 5:09 = 4:11 AG
-John Henwood 48, 4:53 = 4:19 AG
-Chuck Schneekloth 44, 4:44 = 4:24 AG

John McMahon’s age-graded time beats everyone in the Men’s Open and places him 8th in the Fast Movers.

Friends and Family

-Melvin Jarnit-Bjergsoe 11, 5:30 = 4:12 AG
-Paloma Franqui 10, 6:13 = 4:50 AG

Melvin’s age-graded bests everyone in the Men’s Open division and places him 8th in the Fast Movers. Paloma beats everyone in the Women’s Open division and places her 6th in the Fast Movers.


Dan King 62M 4:52 = 3:45 AG
David Litoff 60M 5:15 = 4:02 AG

Dan King was the pound for pound champion with an incredible 3:45 AG mile which is faster than the current American Record held by Alan Webb (3:46.9) set back in 2007. David Litoff is in a virtual age-graded tie with Fast Movers champ Craig Engels.