On a very warm/humid day VDOT Coach Nick Hilton took home his second victory at the Disney Marathon with a negative split. We asked Nick how he adjusted his strategy and managed the conditions in the race so well:

Knowing that it might be warm and humid in Orlando, and since I live in a colder/drier climate, I knew I had to take steps to prepare myself as best I could in the weeks leading up to the race. Three weeks out from Disney I followed a heat acclimation protocol that involved plenty of sweaty treadmill runs and time in the sauna and steam room to prepare physiologically. Then, the week of the race I made sure to stay on top of my hydration, which included consuming more electrolytes pre and post-run.

I also adjusted my time and pace expectations according to the weather, and prepared myself mentally to be more patient on race day. Race morning I was focused on keeping the effort very relaxed early on, and I controlled all the little things that I could. I drank a few ounces of fluid at almost every aid station and was careful to get in all my planned nutrition. I knew it wasn’t going to be a fast day, so I just listened to my body and stayed in control over the first 22 miles, and then leaned into the pace over the final four miles.

I ended up running a negative split and my last two miles were my fastest two miles of the race. I think the key was setting realistic expectations about what was possible and taking care of as many of the little things as possible.

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