After further research and testing by Dr. Daniels we’ve updated VDOT training paces for anyone who is training at a score less than 39 (anyone training at 39 or above will not see any changes). Essentially, the adjusted calculation is representing a more accurate cost of running at these speeds. A race performance will still score the same VDOT as before, but any value less than 39 will calculate paces differently (a slight increase in their Easy, Threshold, Interval and Rep paces).

One common theme in feedback we’ve received over the years is that Easy paces are TOO easy and almost hard to maintain. Although it’s important to stress keeping Easy runs EASY/conversational, it was clear in the new data that a VDOT < 39 was not calculating paces as accurately as > 39. A runner training at a 35 VDOT had an Easy pace range of 10:52 – 11:35. With this new update they will now see 10:36 – 11:38 on their calendar. Anyone training at a VDOT < 39 who is still exceeding their easy pace should be careful about overtraining or attempt a race or time trial to ensure your VDOT score accurately represents your current fitness.

As always, it’s important to hear your feedback so we can continue to improve accuracy of training. If you’re coaching athletes training at a VDOT less than 39 please keep us posted. If you have any questions or concerns email us or leave a comment here and we’ll get back you as soon as possible.