Featured Coach: Keith Pierce

  • McKinney Boyd High School, Head Cross Country (boys and girls), Head Girls Track & Field
  • 16 years Coaching Texas Public High Schools
  • 1 Texas State Championship as Assistant Coach (2003 Krum High School)
  • 1 Texas Regional Championship as Head Coach (2014 Clyde High School)
  • 4 District Championships as Head Coach (Krum High School, Vandegrift High School, Clyde High School)
  • 10 Individual State Qualifiers
  • 7 time marathon winner (3x Cowtown Marathon, 2x Austin Marathon, 2x Dallas Marathon)

Why He Loves VDOT O2

Coach Pierce is currently managing the training of over 60 athletes on the app.

“I have been using VDOT Coach for a little over 2 years now.  It is such a good tool for delivering individualized training as well as serving as an online training for my athletes! It allows me to group athletes and create training based on ability. Not only does it save me time creating training plans, but it also serves as an excellent motivator for my athletes. They enjoy seeing their VDOT value increase over the course of their high school career.”