John Raneri is a recent Olympic Trials Qualifier and coach on VDOT O2. This rising star has an incredible combination of talent, work ethic and a wise mental approach to his training. You can connect with John @raneri.john.

Favorite Workout

“I’m a fan of mixed intensity workouts. Take 3 mile, 2 mile, 1 mile at threshold with diminishing rest for example. The overall goal is to increase the effort as the workout progresses. Want to spice it up? Incorporate 2 by 800 meters at Interval pace between the 3 mile and 2 mile. I wouldn’t recommend this session for everyone. It requires experience due to the sheer volume at race specific work. However, this workout can be altered to fit all VDOT levels by adjusting time spent at a given intensity. If the 3 mile segment is too aggressive, the 2 mile and 1 mile will suffer. After the session, you should feel as though you could’ve run another mile or two at pace and by no means should the tank be empty.”

Guiding Philosophy

“Fitness accumulates over time spent running and exposure to race specific workouts. There is no day more or less important than the next because the process is all encompassing. The focus is on the whole as opposed to the parts. In this respect, how will today benefit tomorrow and how will tomorrow transition into the next day? Drop the expectations, allow yourself to live in the moment, and enjoy the process.”


77.0, Level 9

Training TypePace
Easy5:49 – 6:10