Favorite Workout

“I get most excited for Repetition work. One of the most memorable Repetition workouts I ran was last outdoor track season: 20 x 300m with a 2-minute walk/jog recovery. I literally looked at the workout and laughed because I thought if I could run my 1500-meter pace for 6000 meters in total distance, then I’m probably due for a faster 1500-meter personal best!

Mentally, I enjoy Rep-work because I like the spurts of deep concentration and paying attention to my mechanics, cadence, staying relaxed, etc. while running at a high intensity. There’s also a quiet confidence built from hammering Rep after Rep that translates well on race day.

You should notice in this workout that even though the pace feels very fast early on, the first Rep is often just as challenging as the last. This workout should help you practice good running mechanics and staying relaxed as possible while running fast paces. After the workout your muscled may be sore, on fire, or feeling “booty lock,” similar to having raced an 800m or mile race.”

Guiding Philosophy

“My coaching philosophy stems from a balance of what my athletes should do physically, mentally, and emotionally to accomplish their goals and what they can do from day-to-day given their lifestyle. As individualized as my training is, at the end of the day, it simply comes down to building hundreds of days of consistency that will lead them to great results.”


63.8, Level 8

Training Pace
Easy6:46 – 7:11

Leah Rosenfeld is a VDOT Certified Coach. You can view her coaching profile here.