Favorite Workout

“One of my favorite workouts is Jack Daniels’ cruise intervals at threshold pace. Whether it’s 8 by 1 mile with a moderate 400-meter jog for the more advanced runner, or 6 by 6 minutes with a 2-minute easy jog for more of a beginner athlete, this is a huge fitness-building workout that challenges you both physically and mentally.”

Guiding Philosophy

“I have a very basic coaching philosophy… I preach consistency until it’s ingrained in my athletes’ minds. They will do better if they can get in the work. This may mean getting up at 4:30 in the morning to get that 7-mile run in, or going home early from that work party so they can be rested for their long run. This will allow their bodies to naturally handle greater work loads, producing a much more seasoned runner.”


71, Level 8

Training TypePace
Easy6:11 – 6:49

Michael Crouch coaches athletes on VDOT O2 via private coaching group McKirdy Trained. You can follow him online here.