Congrats to our most recent VDOT Certified Coaches. To date, 427 coaches have gained access to the exam by Dr. Daniels and 223 have become certified from 25 different countries. We just updated our Coach Registry with the latest coaches to pass the exam:

  1. Becky Vander Heiden, Monona, WI
  2. Andy Aubin, Hatboro, PA (Silver Fox Athletics)
  3. Patrick Bovin, Limburg, Belgium
  4. Mike Sweeney, Weymouth, MA
  5. Mark Sekelsky, Jacksonville, FL (On Your Mark Coaching)
  6. Nicole Benavides, Lima, Peru (Pace It)

Our goal is to provide better access to quality coaching that is based on scientific principles. As Dr. Jack Daniels says, “The most important question any runner can ask is, what is the purpose of this workout?” If the coach or athlete can’t answer that question then why run the workout? It’s so important coaches have guiding principles of training and an understanding of how to individualize workouts based on the athlete’s background and goals.

For more information on becoming VDOT Certified go here.