VDOT Coach Marketplace

Today, we’re releasing the beta version of the VDOT Coach Marketplace. We’re proud to launch this new service with a group of coaches who will help us achieve our mission of matching athletes with the best running coaches online. While in beta we’ll continue to enhance the coach-athlete experience on VDOT O2. At the end of the year we will open the marketplace to more coaches.

Certifying Coaches

Daniels’ Running Formula is world-renowned for popularizing the running term VDOT. The book is also popular because of the guiding principles outlined on how to coach individuals. Over the past few years coaches from all over the world have begun taking Dr. Daniels’ online VDOT Certification and are officially becoming certified in this methodology. Our goal is to educate as many coaches as possible so runners are being better served as individuals in our sport.

Find A Coach That Matches Your Specific Needs




For the first time athletes can quickly Find a VDOT Coach that matches their specific needs online. If we make the process of matching professional running coaches with athletes as seamless as possible and help coaches deliver the most effective/custom training possible we can further realize Dr. Daniels’ mission when he became an exercise scientist.

VDOT Coach Spotlight:  Alvina Begay

When finding a coach it’s important that you’re not just choosing someone based on a few impressive results. You should understand their philosophy and get a sense for their personality. You should be able to quickly learn more about their athletic/coaching background and expertise.

Alvina Begay is a VDOT Certified Coach on the Marketplace. She was born and raised in the small town of Ganado on the Navajo Reservation. She is also a professional athlete, Nutritionist and coaches competitive, recreational and high school runners.  You can learn more about Alvina’s coaching background on her profile page.  We spent some time with her in Flagstaff, AZ so runners can get a sense of how her life experiences helped her become a great coach.