Today’s Ask a Coach question comes from Pat about the the purpose of post-run “strides.”

Question:  Can The Run SMART Project do a video on strides? I’ve always been confused on the purpose of doing strides and the proper pace for them. I’m familiar with coach Jack Daniels’ training paces (Easy, Threshold, Interval, and Repetitions) but don’t know how strides fit in. Are they at Rep pace, but shorter distance? Thanks.

Run SMART Coach:  Hey Pat, thanks for the suggestion! We are going to put something together soon. In the meantime, here’s what Jack says about strides:  “Strides are fast runs that last about 20 seconds each and are run at a subjective feeling that approximates Rep-pace running or roughly the pace you would race at for 1,500 meters or 1 mile. Take 60 seconds rest between strides, or enough time to feel light and quick on each stride. Strides are not meant to be “sprints. The purpose of strides is to improve your speed and running economy. By practicing Rep paced running your body learns to run more relaxed and comfortable at the race pace you’re training for.”

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