Pace Calculator

By |2023-04-25T10:46:31-04:00April 17th, 2023|Training tips, VDOT Calculator|

The VDOT Calculator (embedded below) acts as a running pace calculator in three keys ways to help runners of all levels improve: Race Pace Calculator: get race paces to help with race preparation or analysis of a performance Training Pace Calculator: get personalized training paces to train more effectively Equivalent Race Pace Calculator: get equivalent [...]

VDOT Calculator Now Available In 14 Languages

By |2022-02-21T12:07:08-05:00February 21st, 2022|VDOT Calculator|

The VDOT training methodology started to catch on globally after Daniels' Running Formula began translation into different languages. To keep up with demand we're now up to 14 languages on the VDOT Calculator (available for free on Google Play and the App Store). Watch the video above to learn how to access your language. EnglishFrenchHindiItalianJapaneseMandarinPolishPortuguese [...]

Get The New VDOT Calculator

By |2020-10-21T15:39:58-04:00October 21st, 2020|Announcements, Running Calculator|

The recent update is now available on iOS and Android and includes: New UI + support for Dark Mode Full translation into Japanese, Portuguese and Thai Ability to calculate distances, not just pace and time Ability to calculate by VDOT New distances on the training paces tabs Ability to adjust for altitude and temperature both […]

VDOT Calculator Improved

By |2020-09-12T09:48:09-04:00September 12th, 2020|VDOT Calculator|

Introducing the newly improved VDOT Calculator available now on the App Store and Google Play.  After reviewing feedback from our users we've made significant enhancements to the app including: New UI + support for Dark ModeFull translation into Japanese, Portuguese and Thai (Please email us for new language requests)Ability to calculate distances, not just pace [...]

Best Male Distance Running Performances Of All Time

By |2022-03-14T16:11:10-04:00August 28th, 2020|VDOT Calculator|

Top 20 Performances By VDOT [Editor’s Note: List is based on 1500m-Marathon times.] Jacob Kiplimo, 57:31 Half, 2021 - (85.6)Kibiwott Kandie, 57:32 Half, 2020 - (85.5)Joshua Cheptegei, 26:11 10k, 2020 - (85.5)Joshua Cheptegei, 12:35 5k, 2020 - (85.3)Rhonex Kipruto, 57:49 Half, 2020 - (85.1)Kenenisa Bekele, 26:17 10k, 2005 - (85.1)Kenenisa Bekele, 12:37 5k, 2004 - [...]

VDOT Running Calculator Turns Four

By |2017-01-16T15:09:14-05:00January 16th, 2017|VDOT Calculator|

It has been four years and almost 4 million calculations since the official release of Jack Daniels’ VDOT Calculator online. In that time three new versions have followed for your convenience: You Choose IFrame (embed code available on the ride sidebar) iOS Android […]

The Mental Edge To Achieve Sub 3-Hours

By |2016-10-19T17:39:45-04:00October 19th, 2016|Running Calculator, Testimonials|

We received a testimonial from a great local runner in France. We were excited to learn how the VDOT Calculator helped him achieve a time in the marathon he never imagined he could run. Simon has granted us permission to share his kind note. We’re excited to see this young runner continue to progress as gains more and more […]

Adjust Your Training Paces For High Temperatures

By |2024-01-23T16:45:23-05:00July 9th, 2015|Running Calculator, Training tips|

Runners dread the heat and humidity, especially when it hinders their performance. Fortunately, Dr. Jack Daniels’ formulas for adjusting training paces due to high temperatures can be utilized on the VDOT Running Calculator. No longer should runners be overtraining in the heat or get frustrated by not hitting their training paces. Here’s how it works […]

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