It has been four years and almost 4 million calculations since the official release of Jack Daniels’ VDOT Calculator online. In that time three new versions have followed for your convenience:

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  1. IFrame (embed code available on the ride sidebar)
  2. iOS
  3. Android

Usage outside of North America has increased 122% since 2012. Over 40 years after it was invented VDOT is as relevant as ever and now a global training principle trusted by hundreds of thousands of runners.


VDOT is based on years of physiological research by Dr. Jack Daniels – named the “World’s Best Running Coach” by Runner’s World and the math of former NASA scientist Jimmy Gilbert. The first step of any successful training program is determining how fast to train based on your current fitness, not your future goals. Fortunately, VDOT allows runners of all levels to quickly determine this starting point without a lab test. The VDOT formulas are designed to prevent overtraining/injuries by pinpointing how fast you can run while achieving the max benefit for the least amount of stress.