Tomica Čudina set an 8-minute PR at the Frankfurt Mainova Half Marathon. His official time was 1:37:00. [Full Results] Afterwards, he thanked his coach Malindi Elmore:

I would like to thank you Malindi for all the support you have given me through out my preparations, with the training program but also with all the advices which were all very useful to me. I look very positively in the future working together with you in making the most form my running, which is my hobby but also much more than that. I love it and I am very grateful that I have the chance to practice such a beautiful sport.

We look forward to seeing more great progress from Tomica in the future. Last year, after following one of our 15-week training plans we reported on his new 14-minute marathon PR. He then signed up for private coaching to take his running to a new level and he’s now hitting a VDOT Equivalent of 3:22:02 with his new half marathon PR (46.7 VDOT).