High School Cross Country Season Of A Lifetime

Take your running to a new level this fall and shock your high school team. Follow a summer XC training program from the “World’s Greatest Coach,” Dr. Jack Daniels.

The Run SMART Project offers Summer Cross Country Training Plans for high school athletes of all levels, designed by legendary coach Dr. Jack Daniels. Plans are 8-weeks long and cost $45. All plans are customizable and personalized based on the athlete’s running background and goals.

How It Works

When signing up the athlete inputs a few past race performances and what their goal race time is for the XC season and then the plan computes what paces they should run for every workout on Jack’s schedule. You can also tell the program how many days a week you want to train, which days you want off and which days of the week you’d like to run your harder workouts.

“High school runners should take roughly two weeks off after school ends and then start with two weeks of easy running about 30 minutes each day, which puts them at about 25-30 miles a week before beginning one of my summer base plans,” says legendary coach Dr. Jack Daniels. “Great cross country seasons are made in the summer when you can focus more on training.”

Sign up

Follow the link, choose which plan type and then begin customizing your schedule:  http://runsmartproject.com/coaching/training-plans/