Athlete Spotlight: Jason Martuscello

By |2022-05-19T08:51:50-04:00May 19th, 2022|Athlete Profiles|

Jason Martuscello currently lives and trains in NYC. After high school he lost over 100lbs and became fascinated with health and fitness. Still, he always hated running. Not until 2019 when he decided to run the NYC Marathon did he take up running. He set a goal of Sub-3 and "worked his ass off and [...]

Athlete Spotlight: Aaron Kessler

By |2022-05-02T11:40:03-04:00May 2nd, 2022|Athlete Profiles|

Aaron Kessler lives and trains in Los Angeles. He's been trying to qualify for Boston for several years and finally made it in 2022. How was your training leading into the race? My training was the most consistent I've ever done leading up to a race. I worked with my coach and made sure the [...]

Conversation Pace: Chris Free

By |2022-04-20T11:16:27-04:00April 20th, 2022|Podcast Episodes|

Chris Free is an athlete based out of Virginia Beach. He recently set a new PB winning the Louisiana Marathon on a negative split (2:38:56). Chris currently works with coach Dylan Belles on V.O2. In the past 10 years he's dropped almost 80 minutes off of his marathon time. In this episode we discuss: How Chris [...]

Conversation Pace: Dylan Belles

By |2022-02-23T10:47:01-05:00February 23rd, 2022|Podcast Episodes|

Dylan Belles is a distance runner and coach based in Flagstaff, AZ. He's currently one of the highest volume runners on V.O2 and also one of the most highly rates coaches on the platform. At the 2022 Houston Marathon he qualified for his second Olympic Trials with his 2:17:26 (6th American, 73.4 VDOT).  [Please note: [...]

Athlete Insights: Dylan Belles

By |2022-02-08T17:36:39-05:00February 8th, 2022|Athlete Profiles, Training Talk|

Dylan Belles, 28, is an athlete and coach based out of Flagstaff, Arizona. He recently qualified for his second Olympic Trials with a 2:17:26 performance (73.4 VDOT) at the Houston Marathon. Besides being a top VDOT performer on V.O2 he was in the top 20 most miles logged in 2021 as well. With all this [...]

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