Dr. Daniels used to organize an annual “postal” cross country relay competition for teams in the state of Oklahoma.

Here he writes about how it works…

I have thought that we might be able to have “postal” or virtual competitions for runners around the country (or world) that would be able to race without being in contact with other runners during these difficult times. To eliminate the varying difficulty of different XC courses we could have all runners run on a track.

Five Person Relay, 9600 Meters Total

#1 goes 4 laps (1600m) and hands off to

#2 goes 6-laps (2400m)

#3 goes 2 laps (800m)

#4 goes 4 laps (1600m)

#5 goes 8-laps (3200m)

For more information on organizing these events please contact us at coach@runsmartproject.com.