Dr. Jack Daniels’ Sample Treadmill Hill Workout

By |2015-07-14T15:03:11-04:00July 14th, 2015|Training tips|

Hills are a great way to improve your speed/running economy. They serve the same purpose as 200m or 400m Reps but with added resistance. One downside of doing hill repeats outside is all the impact/stress from running easy back down the hill. A great way to avoid this and mix up your training is to try it […]

Part 2, Race Kick: Strength Or Speed?

By |2015-07-13T12:25:51-04:00July 13th, 2015|Training tips|

By Malindi Elmore [Part 1 of “It’s All About The Kick” can be found here.] Many track runners think they must possess raw speed to win with a kick. This is simply not true. Kicking is often a relative term, and can almost be explained better as who slows down the least. The faster the […]

Get Your Temperature Adjustment

By |2015-07-09T14:53:19-04:00July 9th, 2015|Running Calculator, Training tips|

It’s hot out! As runners we dread the heat and humidity, especially when it hinders our performance. Fortunately, Dr. Jack Daniels’ formulas for temperature adjustment can now be utilized in our VDOT O2 Running Calculator app. No longer should runners be overtraining in the heat or be frustrated by not hitting their goal splits! Here’s […]

Science on the Run: Drills, What Are They Good For?

By |2015-07-08T17:16:56-04:00July 8th, 2015|Biomechanics|

Linking current research to running By Nikki Reiter It’s likely you’ve heard that running drills will improve your technique to make you a more efficient runner. Some coaches claim that running drills are effective by way of simulating individual running phases, seeking to correct technique. However, research has shown that the method of performing those […]

It’s All About The Kick

By |2015-07-01T12:39:28-04:00July 1st, 2015|Training tips|

By Malindi Elmore This is one of my favorite videos of a race I won with a kick – a skill that I practiced through training, visualizing, and race strategy. Let’s be honest, races are meant for winning! Yes, there are all sorts of other tangible goals a runner can have such as running personal bests, […]

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