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New Feature: Move Workout

By | January 24th, 2020|App Features|

To move a workout on our mobile app follow the steps below: Click your workoutClick the three dots pictured aboveClick Change DateSelect the date on the calendar you'd like to move the workout toClick Ok and review confirmation message of date change Change Date On The Web Previously, on the desktop version of the app [...]

New Feature: In-App Notifications

By | October 15th, 2019|App Features|

We're excited to release the Beta version of our Notifications feed (in-app on vdoto2.com). Our goal with this new feature is to increase interaction and make it easier/faster, not only for coaches to respond to their athletes, but for athletes to quickly track changes as well. Attentiveness is great from a user-experience standpoint, but also [...]

Update: VDOT Workouts Now Sync To Garmin Connect

By | August 21st, 2019|App Features|

VDOT O2 now syncs running workouts to Garmin Connect so you never leave home without your training paces. It's now easier than ever to train properly. Log in to VDOT O2, assess your current fitness, calculate and sync personalized training paces to your watch for real-time workout guidance and motivation. If you have a watch [...]

Updated VDOT Paces (< 39) For Greater Accuracy

By | August 14th, 2019|App Features|

After further research and testing by Dr. Daniels we've updated VDOT training paces for anyone who is training at a score less than 39 (anyone training at 39 or above will not see any changes). Essentially, the adjusted calculation is representing a more accurate cost of running at these speeds. A race performance will still [...]

Age-Graded VDOT Levels

By | August 14th, 2019|App Features|

We're excited to announce age-graded VDOT levels on the app. We haven't updated anyone's score (they're still achieved by your race performances) but the level you achieve is now graded by age and gender. This update was designed by Dr. Jack Daniels and inspired by his physical education experience, which motivated him to improve fitness [...]

Share Your Workouts

By | April 11th, 2019|App Features|

VDOT O2 gets social. Today, we released a brand new feature on our mobile app that allows you to overlay your photos with workout details: Click Share on your workoutSelect and crop photoChoose what to overlay (VDOT score, workout summary, route, etc.)Share to your social Make sure to tag us so we can repost your [...]

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