“What’s Different About Training In Kenya?”

By |2014-12-22T18:54:37-05:00December 22nd, 2014|Training tips|

By Janet Bawcom It’s a question I get a lot. “What’s different about the training in Kenya?” Recent doping news aside, when I look deeper and give it some real thought, I see two things that really separate the training in Kenya from the training elsewhere: Hills and Fartleks. I’ll start with the hills,and my […]

Train Like a Pro: Malindi Elmore Releases Her 1500/Mile Workouts

By |2014-11-13T00:20:30-05:00November 13th, 2014|Announcements, Run SMART Training Plans|

Olympic 1500m runner Malindi Elmore has teamed up with legendary coach Dr. Jack Daniels and The Run SMART Project to offer her 1500m/1-Mile training plan to the public. Until this point Malindi has only been available as a private coach through Run SMART. This past spring she helped a private client go from 4:33 down to 4:13 […]

Become A Faster Middle Distance Runner

By |2014-04-02T12:39:12-04:00April 2nd, 2014|Announcements, Run SMART Training Plans, Training tips|

Become a faster middle distance runner this season following a 12-week training plan for the 1500m/mile or 800m from legendary coach Jack Daniels. These middle distance plans were designed by Jack for runners of all levels logging anywhere from 20-60 miles per week. Customize your plan in just a few minutes and start training towards your […]

Speedwork Treadmill Simulation

By |2014-02-20T12:32:09-05:00February 20th, 2014|Training tips|

One of the great perks of working with a mad exercise scientist like Dr. Jack Daniels is that he has formulas for everything! Running a tempo run up a hill at altitude into the wind on an 85 degree day and want to convert the pace to sea level in ideal conditions on flat terrain? […]

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