When Jack Daniels Is Coaching You Anything Is Possible.

“I really appreciated your plan:  I ran more miles on back to back days then I have ever run but stayed healthier than I ever have during a marathon training cycle.” – Jason Klaitman

“It is the best I’ve ever felt during a marathon. The sufferfest didn’t start until mile 23 but until then I felt great. It was awesome!” – Kim Bogin

“Don’t know if this has ever happened in your coaching career, but I nailed your prescribed target time for Chicago to the second. Pretty crazy.  Gotta say, I didn’t think it was possible.  I’m now a true believer in Run SMART Project methodology. I’ll be back for my next race!” – Josh Weinrobe

“Just want to tell you one more time how happy I am with this training plan.  In addition to running faster than I ever have, I think this is also the longest period of injury-free running I’ve ever had.” – Sumner Smith

“Thank you for a great “Kick in Butt” track workout today! Nothing like intervals to remind you that it is possible to run like you did in High School at age 43!” – Hayley Long

Tim Hodges Drops Marathon Time By 26 Minutes!

Caroline Curvan Shaves 35 minutes Off New York City Marathon Best

New PRs at the Boston Marathon

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