Dr. Jack Daniels On Stride Rate

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By Dr. Jack Daniels 180 Steps Per Minute When I am teaching a new group of runners the first thing I have them do is count their stride frequencies while running around the track. I can’t remember ever having one of these beginners who turned over as fast as 180 steps per minute. However, when […]

Dr. Jack Daniels: Utilizing The Treadmill To Help Prepare For Boston

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[Editor’s Note:  The key to training effectively for the Boston Marathon is how well you strategically incorporate undulating terrain in your workouts. But what if you don’t have easy access to undulating terrain? We asked the master on how a runner can utilize the treadmill to help prepare for the course at Boston.] By Dr. Jack Daniels […]

Running Posture Checklist

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By Nikki Reiter Here’s a running posture checklist or what your body should be doing biomechanically from head to toe while running: Head Arms Hips/Pelvis/Core Legs/Feet Other biomechanical variables of interest: Stride Rate Vertical Displacement — Nikki Reiter is the Laboratory Coordinator in the School of Health and Exercise Sciences at the University of British […]

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