Run SMART Kids
Run SMART Kids, founded by The Run SMART Project, provides youth running programs to 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students of all fitness and athletic levels. The goal of our program is to promote health and wellness of elite runners and private running coaches.

Program Includes

  • 12 x 75-minute practice session
  • Free entrance into 3k race (1.8 miles)
  • Running log and folder
  • Running shirt
  • Water bottle

$250 per student

All practice sessions are led by trained coaches and are geared towards a 3k race at the end of the program. Each student will learn about the various facets of a proper running program while training under a personalized
coaching formula.

Practice Sessions                       

  • Kids will learn how to train for a race, including:
    • How to follow a running plan, including relays, intervals, ladder runs, etc.
    • Proper running form
    • Proper pacing
    • Proper nutrition for runners
    • Heart rate education

“We are so thankful this program was created! Observing the participants bonding and sharing “running stories” in between classes, witnessing a child who could barely run a lap around our schoolyard complete a 3k run and receiving reports of improved behavior among our participants made us realize the value of this program.”  – Dr. Aimee Terosky, Assistant Principal, The Anderson School, NYC

“Run SMART has been a tremendous boost to my son Julian. His fitness level has improved overall, and his added speed and endurance have carried over to soccer, his other sport.”– Miguel Lopez-Castillo

Run SMART has partnered with The Anderson School, Lower Lab School, NEST+m and the Dwight School.

For more information about bringing Run SMART Kids to your school
Contact Program Director Brian Rosetti at or 1-888-707-3370.