Run Faster Than You Ever Thought Was Possible

“I used to last for about 5 months and then an injury would set me back again.  Now I am just getting better all of the time.  My race times have been dropping steadily since I have been with Rod, and he is always there when I have a question, not to mention that he is always checking on me.  I am really excited to see how much time I can keep dropping.” – Scott Mersiowsky

“While I’ve done nothing but reach every goal and set new personal records at every turn since Mike took me under his wing, I don’t measure our success in all of those tangible numbers. The experience has been far more than that—he’s taught me how to weather the ups and downs, rediscover the joy in running, and keep a smile on my face through it all.” – Erin Strout

“Alicia has been my very first ‘training’ partner, being there with me everyday the past four months (943 miles away), like a guardian angel on my shoulder during my runs. Alicia has given so generously in developing a training & nutrition plan to fit my fitness level and to help me achieve my personal fitness goals.” – Jane Svehlak

“Working with Dan has been a pleasure because he’s not only a good coach, but he has a great sense of humor, excellent experience, and brilliant stories that help me put what I’m experiencing into perspective.  The workouts he gives me have made me substantially stronger and I’m confident that I’ll only get faster as we continue to work together.” – Owen Kendall

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