Customize Your Boston Plan From The “World’s Best Running Coach”

Customize a schedule from Dr. Jack Daniels, named “World’s Best Running Coach” by Runner’s World Magazine, designed to help you prepare for The Boston Marathon course. All training plans are personalized and factor in your age, current fitness level, goal time, experience and time commitment.

These training plans are based off of newly designed schedules by Jack specifically geared to help participants manage the rolling hills of Boston.

Plans features include: video explanations on the purpose of different workouts, notes from Jack on when to include undulating terrain in your runs and a race day tip from Jack on how to pace the Boston course.

  • Customize your plan in just a few steps
  • Appropriate training paces for every workout to reduce injuries
  • Plan updates based on race results along the way



 Plan starts 12/14 18 week plan



 Plan start 1/4 15 week plan



Go to our custom training plans page and select an option under “Jack Daniels’ Boston Marathon Plan”.

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