The Run SMART Project welcomes runners of all fitness levels. Our coaching services are all personalized and just as effective for a beginner as they are for a competitive athlete. We offer a variety of services to help you achieve your running goals.

Training Plans

Purchase a training schedule designed by Dr. Jack Daniels – named “World’s Best Running Coach” by Runner’s World – and individualized to your running background and goals.

  • Customize your plan in just a few steps
  • Know what pace you should be running every workout to reach your goal
  • Miss a few workouts? A coach will quickly adjust your schedule

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Private Coaching

Sign-up for our private coaching subscription service and work one-on-one with a Run SMART coach.

  • Training should be fun, challenging and rewarding
  • Gain insight from some of the top coaches in the country
  • Run faster than you’ve ever felt you could run
  • Running a 10k or a marathon doesn’t always have to hurt so much

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Private Coaching with Jack Daniels

Sign-up and work one-on-one with one of the greatest coaches in our sport.

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Running Retreats

Run on the scenic running trails of Northern Arizona and receive instruction from some of the top coaches in the country.

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