Work Privately With One Of Our Elite Athletes

After signing up we will evaluate your running profile and match you with one of our expert coaches. Run SMART coaches will monitor, adjust and customize your daily training sessions. Included in your subscription is a weekly phone consultation and unlimited email correspondence.

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Training Schedules

Run SMART coaches send out weekly training schedules which include individualized workouts and instructions for each day of the week. Your training will be measurable, in that we’ll walk you through, step by step, throughout the process so progress made towards reaching your specified goal(s) can be identified.

Your training will be reasonable, not complicated with technical jargon or overreaching beyond your perceived ability. Yours will be a tailored, progressive process making you stronger along the path to reaching your ultimate goal(s).

Welcome packet

Every Run SMART client receives a welcome packet which includes an Active stretching routine from Phil Wharton, a complete injury prevention prehab routine from sports injury specialist Dr. Bochner, and a nutrition for recovery doc from Run SMART coach Alicia Shay.

Included in your welcome packet will be a 25% discount card for use at