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  • Heatrunner
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    For more accurate prediction when cycling and running: Is there any means to include a combination of running and cycling mileage in any the Jack Daniels VDOT race finish time predictor or any other predictor?

    As I age, the need for recovery time increases relative to time on feet. To reduced injury risk and build physiology, I utilize cycling/spinning. It is significantly less boring than running in the pool. Wondering the effects of each and in combination. For example Running 50 miles per week with no cycling vs. 35 miles running + 35 cycling. Would like to understand the relationship across various combinations and its effect on race time prediction from 5K to Marathon.

    Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks for your time.

  • Brad
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    Good question Heatrunner. I am interested in the response to this question too…

  • Chris Rees
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    Not quite the asnwqer you’re looking for, but here are 3 options.

    1) Ithlete, an app on the phone which measures you HRV (good predictor of stress on Central Nervous System and hence recovery). You can also upgrade to Ithlete Pro for £30/year wehich gives more detailed backgorund

    2) Firstbeat Athlete Software. Pairs with a watch that record r/r beats and suggests recovery period

    3) Many Garmin watches have a recovery feature which uses the FirstBeat analytics to define hours required for body to recover for next harder session.

    PS I am not related to Garmin or Firstbeat, but have used these since major overttraining syndrome 5 years ago.

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